The Story Behind BT21 BTS Plushies

The Story Behind BT21 BTS Plushies

These BT21 BTS Plushies are undeniably adorable. And did you know
that these BT21 characters were made by the BTS members themselves?
Yes, you heard it right. These BT21 BTS Plushies are not just made to
represent the influential group. In fact, they were all part of the entire
creation process. From the sketching down to the emotions and special
skills of all the BT21 characters. BTS really worked hard to come up with
these lovable creations. And it was all indeed worth it.

BT21 characters started existing as stickers at the messaging app LINE
and Facebook. It was officially launched on October 2017 in 230
countries worldwide. But it had immediately boomed into games, themed
cafes, pop-up stores, hotels, various products and large merchandise line.
In just 10 days after the release, BT21 have gone crazily viral. The
characters became globally famous just like BTS. Imagine having 8
million downloads, 420 thousand followers, and more than 71 million
exposure on Twitter. That was how intensely far their charm have gotten
in just days after the official launching. BT21 were really born to be
superstars and really hypnotized the people of our planet.

Back in September 2017, LINE FRIENDS have decided to choose BTS
as their first artists to collaborate with. The K-pop band is truely
influencing the millennials in a positive way. Therefore, they have
decided to choose BTS because of its global popularity and interesting
individual personalities. When they have finally pushed through with the
project, BTS members were really excited about it.

The Bangtan boys actively participated with the whole process. They
even spent a day at one LINE FRIENDS store to do the sketching and
elaboration of each character. This is of course with the help of the LINE
FRIENDS staffs and designers. They guided the group all throughout the
creation and everything ended really great.

The finished masterpieces resulted into eight unique characters. And
every character was made with a personal touch and connection from the
BTS. Effortfully and whole-heartedly made indeed.


Let us discover more about the cutest invasion on the planet. Here are the
BT21 members and their creators:

This BT21 character is specially made by LINE FRIENDS' designers. It
is a half grey and half white guardian space robot. Van knows everything
about the world and protects the entire BT21 against any harm. This
character stands for the BTS armies in real life. If BTS members have
armies, BT21 characters also have VAN.

This character is a heart-faced alien from the planet BT. He is a prince
and Prince Tata was designed by Kim Taehyung also known as V. This
character is having an off-the-wall attitude, very curious, and he has
supernatural powers as well. Because V loves unique characters, he
decided to make Tata become very special. This lovable character can
transform into various lengths, shapes and weird figures.

This character is a dancing pony who always wears a mask. Mang is the
coolest dancer of the group. Its true facial features remain a mystery. It
was designed by Jung Hoseok also known as J-Hope. Mang has a heart-
shaped nose that resembles J-Hope's lips when he laughs.

This BT21 character is a puppy with chubby cheeks who loves wearing a
yellow hoodie all the time. This one was created by Park Jimin also
known as Jimin. Chimmy is an innocent yellow puppy but with a passion
of working hard always. According to Jimin, the color yellow symbolizes
their band's image. And puppy best resembles their happy and bubbly

• RJ
This character is a white alpaca created by Kim Seokjin also known as
Jin. RJ is a fluffy furred alpaca that loves to cook and eat a lot. He always
wears a parka because RJ gets cold easily. This BT21 character has a
warm heart, gentle soul, very kind and loving. Jin has said to be already

doodling alpacas years way back. When this project came, he was very
eager to bring RJ to life. Other BTS members also jokingly said that Jin
looks like a fluffy alpaca when he eats.

This character is a sleepyhead blue koala. Koya is exceptionally smart
and talented. He also has shocking removable ears. This one was
designed by Kim Namjoon also known as RM. He once revealed that
Koya often looks like sleeping but it is actually suffering from insomnia
like some BTS members. The character often thinks about anything and
everything about sleeping.

This character is a pink bunny who works out a lot. This was designed by
Jeon Jungkook also known as Jungkook. Just like Cooky, he also goes to
the gym and works out very often. This character looks very sweet on the
outside but unexpectedly muscular and tough.

This BT21 character is a brown cookie made by Min Yoongi also known
as Suga. Shooky is a mini prankster. He loves to joke around with friends
and do silly things. But he hates milk so much. Its facial expressions were
inspired by Holly, a dog owned by Suga.

The concept story of BT21 started with Prince Tata's character. Because
of his curiosity, he left the planet BT and travelled to earth with the
guardian robot Van. During their stay on earth, they have witnessed how
popular and influencial the BTS are. He was extremely amazed with the
group and wanted to have his own. The moment he returned back to their
home planet, he immediately started forming an idol group like BTS. He
gathered all aliens who were eager to be part of the group. And that was
how BT21 was formed.

The name of the group was suggested by Suga. He wanted those
animated characters to carry the name of BTS and the 21st century as
well. BT21 means BTS and remaining alive for 100 years more.

Everyone surely love these characters to exist forever.

And now, here comes these huggable BT21 BTS plushies. Which BT21
character caught your heart the most? All of them are indeed irresistible
especially when they turned into these fluffy BT21 BTS Plushies.

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