BBMA 2019: BTS Shines In Las Vegas

BBMA 2019: The BTS shines in Las Vegas

The Billboard Music Awards 2019 in Las Vegas was absolutely a wonderful day for the Bangtan boys.

The group was nominated not just in
one, but in two categories.

These are the Top Duo/Group and for the third time around, they are nominated again for the Top Social Artist category.

The world now loves the style and the music of BTS.

It is such so
amazing how far they have reached and being appreciated by more people outside Asia.

In case you have missed seeing the special event or want to look back at those incredible moments, we will walk through all the heart melting moments again - today.

They Were Absolutely Stunning At The Red Carpet 

Extreme cheers and non-stop camera flashes were the signs that the BTS have finally arrived.

Jungkook, Jimin, RM, V, Suga, Jin and J-Hope looked equally stunning and fresh as they landed on the red carpet.

As expected, they never disappointed the armies with their fashion style.

During the BBMA 2019, they have chosen to wear black and white ensembles by Alexander McQueen - but it did not just end there.

Knowing the BTS, they always take surprising twists and styling at the highest level.

They played with classic, unique cuts, polka dots, mixed patterns and more.

Everyone paired their fashionable suits with black lace-up shoes and boots.

They have definitely rocked their outfits and made their fans more obsessed with them.

They looked cool individually and even more extra cool together.

One more thing that made their entire wardrobe extra magical was the friendship bracelets Halsey gave them.

Everyone knew about these gifts from Halsey, but nobody guessed that they would wear it with them at the red carpet.

And everyone went crazy when the BTS revealed about it.

Their entire look only shows their individual differences as a person.
Each of us has unique taste and personality, and so with the BTS.

Their suits might look different at first sight, but everyone saw how things
coordinated gorgeously when they stood as one.

There is also one thing that secretly binds different people. And I guess the friendship bracelet symbolizes it.

The group are glued by their authentic brotherhood and love for music.

Everything went really great together just like how they shine on the red carpet.

This just made us watch out more eagerly for their next fashion styling in the future upcoming events.

All Eyes On The BTS A.R.M.Y Group

The Billboard Music Awards 2019 was started with a performance by Kelly Clarkson.

It was indeed a remarkable medley performance of some
of the biggest chart toppers and perfect for the show to start.

As she performed, different artists in the audience were appearing on the screen.

Of course, BTS appeared on the screen enjoying the performance of Kelly on their seats and the crowd went wild seeing them.

Even just those quick sneak peeks of the group from afar made the armies freak out with happiness.

It was indeed very heartwarming seeing how people genuinely love BTS so much.

And those love they are receiving are well-deserved.

Adorable Moments Spotted

There are more fun BTS moments spotted during the BBMA 2019 other than the nominations, fashion styling and the performance.

Jin was seen bringing his son at the event. Yes, the fluffy furred alpaca character.

People just find it so cute for a man like Jin to bring something like that to make him feel comfortable in a huge event like BBMA 2019.

Jimin and Jungkook were also caught being sweet with eachother on the red carpet.

Jimin was spotted fixing Jungkook's suit and patting his shoulders when he jokingly knelt down.

Those sweet gestures are normal to them, and people really find it so adorable.

It is very rare to see men expressively showing brotherly affection nowadays.

Another funny moment caught was the legend move called where Jin was spotted munching popcorns like just watching a movie in a cinema.

It is the usual scenery to see him chewing some food most of the time.

But armies find it more hilarious when they witnessed Jin unconsciously doing that at the BBMA 2019.

That is one of the many reasons why people love BTS; the group are effortlessly lovable.

BTS And Halsey Dominated The Stage

The group performed their collaboration with Halsey.

They definitely brought the night on fire with their performance.

They have showcased their brilliant dance moves, and Halsey did it great as well.

They made everyone scream and freak out with joy.

No wonder it became popular and reached the billboard chart.

It was indeed a perfect collaboration and one awesome song.

Their performance at the BBMA 2019 made the crowd went very alive from start to finish.

Let's go beyond that performance...

Halsey have met BTS for several times, and she has always been vocal
about admiring them.

She has been rooting for the BTS and has always been expressing her love for the Bangtan boys.

Until they have finally started working on a collab back in 2017.

Hearing about that, the BTS Army were so excited and have always been looking forward for the said project.

But everything has not been ironed out quickly. It took two years
before it has been officially released.

Though it took some time for the song to be finally heard, the fans still never got tired of waiting.

And now here it is, hitting the top billboard chart and being performed live on stage at the BBMA 2019.

It is not just South Korea nor Asia anymore, but the whole globe is now appreciating their music as well. Yes, it is crazily real.

BTS Got The Big Awards At THE BBMA 2019

2019 is definitely a lucky year for the BTS.

Their music has been loved by the world and now they have achieved big awards at the BBMA 2019.

They attended the event and performed because of the nomination - and
got home bringing the awards.

Announcing their victory was really a blast for them.

They are the first K-pop sensation who have won the Top Duo/Group award.

And they have been receiving the award Top Social Artist the third time now.

Their epic reactions made everyone love them even more.

The group
hugs, the overwhelmed faces, and very happy reactions were just so real.

The awards were really something they will always be grateful for.

BTS will surely become more motivated and will be inspiring more people as

Let us watch out for more awards in the future and more awesome
hits from them.

We are still the same boys from 6 years ago.

We still have the same dreams, we still have the same thoughts. Let's keep dreaming the best dreams together
- RM